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Fast and reliable car air conditioning service

At Medway Tyres, we carry out garage services designed to not only enhance the safety of your vehicle, but also make you more comfortable while you are driving. That’s why we offer a car air conditioning service, our team of qualified mechanics working to identify and fix any issues in your car ac system. Keep your car comfortable all year round and save energy with us.
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Air con regas to get the best out of your system

Did you know that over 10% of air-con gas permeates from your car air conditioning system each year? Most car manufacturers recommend that you get a full air con regas every two years, and our affordable and reputable service in Chatham, Kent, is the ideal way to make sure this is done correctly and conveniently.
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Efficient car ac recharge

Your car air conditioning contains refrigerant gas and oil to keep it working effectively, but age and wear can make this inefficient. This puts strain upon your system and means your car is not cooled to your specifications. At Medway Tyres, we offer a car ac recharge where we remove the old oil and refrigerant gas and replace it with the correct amount of new oil and gas to ensure your ac runs well for the summer.
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