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We take care of every aspect of your vehicle from top to bottom at Medway Tyres. This even includes services such as wheel alignment, which refers to how flat your tyres sit on the ground and how straight they are pointed. Although this is less common than other types of servicing it is still vitally important to keeping your car roadworthy and should be carried out by trustworthy professionals such as Medway Tyres.
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When to use our services

If your car seems to pull left or right, or you feel like you have to continually pull at the steering wheel to keep it central, you may need to have your wheels re-aligned. This can frequently happen after you’ve driven your car several thousands of miles or had a suspension or steering part changed. 
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Saving you time, energy and money

Our wheel alignment service is important to maintain the safety of your car, allowing you to steer with ease and fully control your vehicle. Our cost-effective service, available from our fully equipped garage in Chatham, Kent, will also save you money in the long run as it prevents excess wear on your tyres and reduces the risk of an expensive and dangerous accident. 
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